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Table 2 K m and V max values of GDH towards different substrates

From: Purification and characterization of a novel glutamate dehydrogenase from Geotrichum candidum with higher alcohol and amino acid activity

Substrate K m (mol/L) V max [U (mg protein)−1] Substrate K m (μmol/L) V max [U (mg protein)−1]
Methanol Ethanol
1-propanol NADP+ 0.07 0.083
n-butanol NADPH 0.13 0.182
Isobutanol α-ketoglutarate 4.01 0.14
hexanol 20.37 16.13 Glutamate 41.74 0.87
Isoamyl alcohol 19.37 5.59 NH4 + 5.35 0.003
  1. The K m and V max values for each substrate were determined by measuring the initial reaction rates at various non-saturating concentrations of the substrate in the presence of a fixed volume of enzyme
  2. –Indicates not detected