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Table 1 Parameters for modeling

From: High titer heterologous rhamnolipid production

Parameter Meaning Unit
α* Growth dependent production term
β* Growth independent production term h−1
µ Growth rate h−1
µmax* Maximal growth rate h−1
ρ Density g L−1
τ* Lag time h
BR Bioreactor
cIndex Concentration of index g L−1
Glu Glucose g
Ki* Inhibiting concentration of glucose g L−1
KS* Monod constant g L−1
\({\dot{\text{m}}}\) Mass flux g h−1
mS/X* Maintenance coefficient g g−1 L−1
n* Shape factor for Luong kinetic
RL Rhamnolipid g
t Time h
VIndex Volume of index L
X Biomass g
YP/S* Rhamnolipid yield coefficient g g−1
YX/S* Biomass yield coefficient g g−1
  1. * Parameter determined via optimization