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Fig. 6

From: Construction of efficient Streptococcus zooepidemicus strains for hyaluoronic acid production based on identification of key genes involved in sucrose metabolism

Fig. 6

Fermentation analysis of WT, scrB/OP-ΔfruA and scrB/OP-ΔfruK. Batch fermentation of S. zooepidemicus wild type and mutants was carried out in a 5-L bioreactor as described in "Materials and methods" section. The samples taken at the indicated time point were analyzed. a Cell concentration was determined by measuring the OD660. b The concentration of lactic acid was determined by Biosensing meter. c The HA concentration was determined by the carbazole method. d Sucrose concentration was determined by resorcinol method. The symbols of black square, black circle and filled triangle represent WT, scrB/OP-ΔfruA and scrB/OP-ΔfruK, respectively. Data represents the mean values from three independent experiments

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