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Fig. 5

From: Enhancing poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) production in Escherichia coli by the removal of the regulatory gene arcA

Fig. 5

Relative gene expression of RSC02 compared to LSBJ, normalized to rpoD and measured as fold changes. The expression of genes related to fatty acid degradation was significantly increased in the RSC02 strain during mid-exponential growth phase (OD600 of ~0.6). The SCL fatty acid degradation genes atoA, atoE, and atoD were massively upregulated by 103-fold, 119-fold, and 303-fold respectively. MCL fatty acid degradation genes fadD, fadL, and fadE were upregulated by twofold, tenfold, and 31-fold respectively. Relative gene expression was calculated from qPCR fluorescence data using the LineRegPCR software (Ruijter et al. 2009) to calculate amplification efficiency and Cq values, and the Pfaffl method used to derive relative expression values with LSBJ as the calibrator (Fleige et al. 2006). All values are the averages of triplicate experiments plus or minus the standard deviation about those averages

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