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Table 1 Growth of Pseudomonas strain S13.1.2 in presence of various heavy metal salts from PM13B, PM14A, PM15B, PM16A and PM18C

From: Comprehensive genomic and phenotypic metal resistance profile of Pseudomonas putida strain S13.1.2 isolated from a vineyard soil

Biolog microplates Heavy metal salt Growth observed
PM13B NiCl2 +++
K2CrO4 ++
CsCl ++++
CoCl2 +++
MnCl2 ++
CuCl2 ++++
PM14A CdCl2 ++
Na3AsO4 ++++
PM15B ZnCl2 ++++
PM16A NaSeO3 ++
CrCl3 ++++
PM18C NaAsO2 +++
  1. Heavy metal resistance profile is defined by bacterial growth measured after 96 h in phenotype microarray microplates wells containing four different concentrations of each heavy metal salts. The extent of growth observed were indicated as ++++ (full growth), +++ (strong), ++ (moderate), + (weak) and −(sensitive) signs