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Table 5 Explained variance (%) of QTLs detected in heterokaryon Set 3

From: Multi-trait QTL analysis for agronomic and quality characters of Agaricus bisporus (button mushrooms)

LG 6 10 13
Locus name HZchrVI_03 CHR10A1 CHR13B1
Position 0 22.74 0
−log10(p) 4.771 12.717 3.393
DS    8.6a
ER 4.4a 14.2a 4.0 a
FM 9.6a 14.9a  
SC 4.4 8.3a  
  1. aQTLs that were also detected by single trait analyses. The others were not significant in the single trait analyses, while they are mostly just below the threshold of significance