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Fig. 1

From: Degeneration of aflatoxin gene clusters in Aspergillus flavus from Africa and North America

Fig. 1

Schematic of the aflatoxin biosynthesis (dark grey) and sugar clusters (light grey) from 35 non-aflatoxigenic A. flavus genotypes. The bottom figure shows the aflatoxin gene cluster from A. flavus AF13 (Ehrlich et al. 2005) and genes putatively involved in sugar translocation. Genotypes are grouped based on presence or absence of genes. Absence of genes towards the telomeric end of the cluster indicates gene deletion. Sequences bordering deletions are indicated in grey shaded boxes. Letters on the right indicate groups of genotypes with similar clusters. Group A includes AF36, BA16-F, BY18-A, C6-E, DO107-L, EC69-E, GO67-10, Ka16127, La3279, La3304, M011-8, M102-11, M109-2, M129-5, M2-7, Ms14-19, Ss19-14; group B includes E63-I and R7-H; group C includes C8-F and DO38-B; group D includes AT5-B, DO114-A, GO18-2 and M092-15; group E includes M21-11; group F includes AT21-A, AT4-C, BA35-C, BY19-D, DO46-G, EC19-B, M110-7, NRRL21882, and Og0222

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