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Table 3 Analysis of variance (ANOVA) of principal components (PC) obtained from volatile compounds of aerated (at 0.02 vvm) or non-aerated S. cerevisiae continuous cultures fed with sterilized (SM) or non-sterilized (NSM) agave juice supplemented or not supplemented with yeast extract

From: Improvement on the productivity of continuous tequila fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae of Agave tequilana juice with supplementation of yeast extract and aeration

  PC-1 PC-2 PC-3 PC-4
Explained variance (%) 33.46 19.79 15.41 13.38
Yeast extract (p value) 0.0000 0.3761 0.7171 0.1027
Aeration rate (p value) 0.4194 0.0081 0.0740 0.7873
Fermentation medium (p value) 0.0910 0.2911 0.0363 0.0673