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Table 4 Bacillus pumilus strains used for gene alignment in CLUSTAL W2

From: Identification of two new keratinolytic proteases from a Bacillus pumilus strain using protein analysis and gene sequencing

B. pumilus strain GI number and accession version Gene
NJM4 gi|226938414|gb|FJ869878.1| Alkaline serine proteinase
N/A gi|38373993|gb|AY458140.1| Dehairing protease precursor
N/A gi|7415641|dbj|AB029082.1| Alkaline serine proteinase
SG2 gi|301131525|gb|GQ398415.1| Protease gene
SGMM8 gi|290472378|gb|GU143024.1| Protease (Alp) gene
bppA gi|87886606|dbj|AB211527.1| Alkaline serine
A1 gi|222353759|gb|FJ619651.1| Keratinase precursor
115b gi|52843271|gb|AY743586.1 Organic solvent protease gene
KS12 gi|300429855|gb|HM219183.1| Keratinase gene
TMS55 gi|221193393|gb|FJ584420.1| Alkaline serine protease precursor
3–19 gi|297342830|gb|AY754946.2| Subtilisin like serine
sapB gi|186928863|emb|AM748727.1| Serine alkaline protease preprotein