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Table 3 Amino acid sequence alignment of keratinase 2 with proteases of Bacillus strains using Blastp

From: Identification of two new keratinolytic proteases from a Bacillus pumilus strain using protein analysis and gene sequencing

Description Organism Amino acid sequence identity (%) Accession number
Serine alkaline protease (subtilisin E) B. stratosphericus LAMA 585 100 EMI12150.1
Peptidase S8 MULTISPECIES: Bacillus 100 WP_035390997.1
Subtilisin Carlsberg B. sp. M 2-6 99 EIL84986.1
Peptidase S8 MULTISPECIES: Bacillus 99 WP_034647494.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 99 WP_029575389.1
Subtilisin Carlsberg B. pumilus 99 KIL26870.1
Peptidase S8 B. altitudinis 99 WP_035702958.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 99 WP_026050107.1
Pubtilisin B. altitudinis 41KF2b 99 KDE30915.1
Peptidase S8 B. sp. DW5-4 95 WP_034319985.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 95 WP_044141213.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 94 WP_034620505.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 94 WP_034661158.1
Subtilisin Carlsberg B. pumilus 94 KIL17080.1
Subtilisin Carlsberg B. pumilus ATCC7061 94 EDW21217.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 93 KDE52880.1
Peptidase S8 B. safensis 93 WP_034622393.1
Peptidase S8 MULTISPECIES: Bacillus 93 WP_029708034.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 93 WP_041117873.1
Peptidase S8 B. safensis 93 KEP30825.1
Peptidase S8 B. safensis 93 WP_029706051.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 93 WP_041109684.1
Pubtilisin Carlsberg B. pumilus 93 KIL21504.1
Pubtilisin Carlsberg B. pumilus 92 KIL11523.1
Peptidase S8 B. sp. HYC-10 92 WP_008361817.1
Peptidase S8 B. safensis 92 WP_034280781.1
Peptidase S8 B. sp. WP8 92 WP_039183179.1
Subtilisin B. safensis FO-36b 92 KDE29455.1
Peptidase S8 B. safensis 91 WP_046312283.1
Peptidase S8 B.pumilus 91 WP_041086842.1
Subtilisin Carlsberg B. pumilus 90 KIL15277.1