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Table 2 Amino acid sequence alignment of keratinase 1 with proteases of Bacillus strains using Blastp

From: Identification of two new keratinolytic proteases from a Bacillus pumilus strain using protein analysis and gene sequencing

Description Organism Amino acid sequence identity (%) Accession number
Alkaline serine proteinase B. pumilus 100 ACO94164.1
Lehensis serine protease B. lehensis 100 AFP23380.1
Alkaline serine protease B. pumilus 99 BAE79641.1
Dehairing protease precursor B. pumilus 99 AAR19220.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 99 WP_026050071.1
Alkaline serin proteinase B. pumilus 99 BAA93474.1
Protease B. pumilus 99 ADK63096.1
Peptidase S8 MULTISPECIES: Bacillus 99 WP_008348814.1
Serine alkaline protease (subtilisin) B. stratosphericus LAMA585 99 EMI14709.1
Subtilisin Carlsberg Bacillus pumilus ATCC 7061 99 EDW22774.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 99 WP_034620013.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 99 WP_041093123.1
Peptidase S8 B. stratosphericus 99 WP_039962807.1
Peptidase S8 B. invictae 99 WP_045034875.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 99 WP_044140726.1
Peptidase S8 B. aerophilus 99 WP_041507592.1
Peptidase S8 B. altudinis 99 WP_039167642.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 98 WP_012009474.1
Serine alkaline protease B. circulans 98 ADN04910.1
Serine alkaline protease (subtilisin E) B. pumilus 98 KIL22204.1
Serine alkaline protease, preproprotein B. pumilus 98 CAO03040.1
Peptidase S8 B. sp. DW5-4 98 WP_034323660.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 98 WP_041117216.1
Peptidase S8 B. safensis 98 WP_034282323.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 98 WP_034663897.1
Serine alkaline protease (subtilisin E) B. pumilus 97 KIL10386.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 97 WP_041110188.1
Peptidase S8 B. sp. WP8 96 WP_039183048.1
Keratinase precursor B. pumilus 96 ACM47735.1
Serine alkaline protease (subtilisin E) Bacillus sp. HYC-10 96 KIL09959.1
Peptidase S8 B. xiamenensis 96 WP_008359041.1
Organic solvent tolerant protease B. pumilus 96 AAU88064.1
Keratinase B. pumilus 96 ADK11996.1
Peptidase S8 B. safensis 96 WP_029706931.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 96 WP_041089929.1
Peptidase S8 B. safensis 96 WP_044335827.1
MULTISPECIES: peptidase S8 Bacillus 96 WP_025093353.1
Peptidase S8 B. pumilus 95 WP_024426548.1
Serine alkaline keratinase Brevibacillus brevis 95 AGO58466.1
Alkaline serine protease precursor B. pumilus 95 ACM07731.1
Serine alkaline keratinase B. circulans 94 AGN91700.1