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Table 4 Differential expression of proteins associated with hydrogenase activity in C.necator H16 grown in REG glycerol bottom in comparison to REG-FFA and REG80 glycerol cultures after 24 h pi

From: Global changes in the proteome of Cupriavidus necator H16 during poly-(3-hydroxybutyrate) synthesis from various biodiesel by-product substrates

Accession # Protein Pnet scores
GB-24/R80-24 FFA-24/R80-24 GB-24/FFA-24
PHG002 Membrane bound (NiFe) hydrogenase large unit −4.04 −4.96 ND
PHG019 Hydrogenase transcriptional regulatory protein, HoxA −1.53 −1.79 ND
PHG016 [NiFe] hydrogenase metallocenter assembly protein HypD1 −1.79 −2.13 ND
PHG021 Regulatory [NiFe] hydrogenase large subunit −1.98 −3.13 −0.84
PHG088 NAD-reducing hydrogenase diaphorase moiety large −4.55 −5.59 ND
PHG095 [NiFe] hydrogenase nickel incorporation-associated protein HypB2 −2.06 −2.53 ND
PHG013 [NiFe] hydrogenase nickel incorporation-associated protein HypB1 −3.23 −4.99 −0.36
PHG091 NAD-reducing hydrogenase hydrogenase moiety −4.43 −5.56 ND
PHG_00093 HoxI −6.79 −5.39 −1.07
  1. Up- or down-regulation is limited to outer 10 % proteins with a relative Z-score expression ratio (Pnet) outside (> ±1.65) from the population mean; italic numbers indicate significant up or down regulation of protein expression