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Table 1 Pyruvate production by various microorganisms using different procedures

From: Efficient production and secretion of pyruvate from Halomonas sp. KM-1 under aerobic conditions

Organism Carbon source Procedure Pyruvate Production rate Reference
    (g L−1) (g L−1h−1)  
Halomonas sp. KM-1 Glucose Wild-type, batch 67.0 0.93 This work (72 h)
Halomonas sp. KM-1 Glucose Wild-type, batch 63.3 1.32 This work (48 h)
E. coli ALS1059 Glucose, acetate Mutant, fed-batch 90.0 2.05 Zhu et al. (2008)
E. coli TC44 Glucose Mutant, fed-batch 52.0 1.21 Causey et al. (2004)
E. coli TBLA-1 Glucose Mutant, batch 31.5 0.98 Yokota et al. (1994)
S. cerevisiae TAM Glucose Mutant, fed-batch 135.0 1.35 van Maris et al. (2004)
C. glabrata (T. glabrata) ACII-33 Glucose Mutant, fed-batch 67.8 1.07 Miyata and Yonehara (1999)
C. glabrata (T. glabrata) RS23 Glucose Mutant, continuous culture 94.3 1.18 Liu et al. (2007)
C. glutamicum ELB-P Glucose Recombinant, fed-batch 44.5 0.49 Wieschalka et al. (2012)