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Table 2 Morphological, biochemical profile and antibiotic sensitivity tests of the bacterial isolate S33

From: Unusual non-fluorescent broad spectrum siderophore activity (SID EGYII) by Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain EGYII DSM 101801 and a new insight towards simple siderophore bioassay

Test Result
Cell shape Rods
Gram stain −ve
Spore formation −ve
Growth on MYP Non-mannitol utilizer
Motility −ve
Fluorescence on Pseudomonas base agar (modified King A) Yellowish green pyoverdin fluorescence under UV (fluorescein)
Growth at pH 6–8 +ve
Growth at 42 °C +ve
Growth at 7.5 % NaCl −ve
Starch hydrolysis −ve
Casein hydrolysis +ve
Tween 20 hydrolysis −ve
Nitrate reduction +ve
Catalase +ve
Oxidase +ve
Urease +ve
Indole production −ve
Citrate utilization +ve
Voges–Proskauer (VP) −ve
Methyl Red (MR) +ve
Gelatin liquefaction −ve
Hemolysis on sheep blood agar +ve β-hemolytic
Glucose fermentation +ve (yellow/blue: O/NF)
Galactose fermentation +ve (yellow)
Sucrose fermentation ND
Arginine utilization −ve
Antibiotic sensitivity
 Kanamycin Sensitive
 Penicillin Resistant
 Ampicillin Resistant
 Chloramphenicol Sensitive
 TOB10 Sensitive
 Tetracycline Resistant
  1. O/NF oxidative/non-fermentative, ND not determined resistant
  2. −ve negative result, +ve positive result