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Table 1 Walnut tissue sources used for RNAseq analysis

From: Deep RNA-Seq profile reveals biodiversity, plant–microbe interactions and a large family of NBS-LRR resistance genes in walnut (Juglans regia) tissues

Code Tissue source Sequence read archive Walnut genotype Developmental stage Source No of reads x106
VB Vegetative bud SRS523592 Chandler Vegetative Orchard 39.9
LY Leaf—young SRS523594 Chandler Vegetative Orchard 63.3
RT Root SRS523799 Chandler Vegetative Greenhouse 38.8
CI Callus interior SRS523805 Chandler Vegetative In Vitro 59.3
CE Callus exterior SRS523808 Chandler Vegetative In Vitro 29.8
FL Pistillate flower SRS523810 Chandler Vegetative Orchard 69.8
CK Catkins SRS523917 Chandler Immature Orchard 56.4
SE Somatic embryo SRS523919 Chandler Immature In Vitro 27.8
LM Leaf—mature SRS523921 Chandler Vegetative Orchard 50.4
LE Leaves SRS523922 Chandler Vegetative Orchard 60.1
IF Fruit immature SRS523923 Mixed Immature Orchard 57.0
HL Hull immature SRS523924 Chandler Immature Orchard 115.8
PT Packing tissue SRS523925 Chandler Immature Orchard 62.8
HP Hull peel SRS523926 Chandler Mature Orchard 43.3
HC Hull cortex SRS523927 Chandler Mature Orchard 62.8
PK Packing tissue SRS523928 Chandler Mature Orchard 56.7
PL Pellicle SRS523929 Chandler Mature Orchard 42.7
EM Embryo SRS523930 Mixed Mature Orchard 35.5
HU Hull—dehiscing SRS523931 Chandler Senescent Orchard 59.5
TZ Transition wood SRS523933 J.nigra Transition zone Orchard 48.4
     Total number of reads: 1080.0