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Table 3 Characteristics of the steady states during continuous fermentations with glucose (C-1) and a mixture of glucose and xylose (C-2) as carbon source

From: Effect of in situ acids removal on mixed glucose and xylose fermentation by Clostridium tyrobutyricum

  C-1 C-2
Operating features
 HRT (d) 1 1
 Influent glucose concentration (g L−1) 50 38
 Influent xylose concentration (g L−1) 22
Steady state characteristics
 Glucose concentration (g L−1) 29.19 4.77
 Xylose concentration (g L−1) 17.87
 Butyric acid concentration (g L−1) 6.41 9.94
 Acetic acid concentration (g L−1) 2.58 3.12
 Glucose consumption rate (g L−1 h−1) 0.72 0.85
 Xylose consumption rate (g L−1 h−1) 0.11
 Acetic acid production rate (g L−1 h−1) 0.10 0.12
 Acetic acid yield (g g−1 sugars) 0.145 0.13
 Butyric acid production rate (g L−1 h−1) 0.26 0.37
 Butyric acid yield (g g−1 sugars) 0.36 0.39
 Butyric acid selectivity (g g−1 acids) 0.76 0.76
 Hydrogen production rate (L L−1 h−1) 0.164 0.23