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Table 3 Cultural and morphological characteristics of Streptomyces spp. AJ8 on different media

From: Haloalkaliphilic Streptomyces spp. AJ8 isolated from solar salt works and its’ pharmacological potential

Media Culture characteristics
Growth Aerial mycelium Substrate mycelium Pigmentation
Starch casein agar Good Ash Dark brown Brownish red
Glycerol Aspargin agar (ISP 5) Moderate Brown Reddish brown Brown
Nutrient agar Good Reddish brown Light ash Light brown
Knight’s agar Abundant Brown Dark brown Brownish red
Yeast extract malt extract agar (ISP2) Fair Brown Light brown Light brown
Actinomycetes isolation agar Good Brown Reddish brown Dark brown
Tyrosin agar (ISP 7) Fair Ash Dark brown Light brown