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Table 1 Commercial reference strains used as negative and positive controls

From: A qPCR and multiplex pyrosequencing assay combined with automated data processing for rapid and unambiguous detection of ESBL-producers Enterobacteriaceae

  TEM104 TEM164 TEM238 SHV179 SHV238 SHV240 Phenotype
ATCC-35218 (E. coli) Glu104 Arg164 Gly238 Non-ESBL
ATCC-700603 (K. pneumoniae) Asp179 Gly238Ala Glu240Lys SHV-18
DSM-22313 (E. coli) Glu104Lys Arg164 Gly238Ser TEM-46
DSM-22314 (E. coli) Glu104Lys Arg164Ser Gly238 TEM-50