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Table 1 Plasmids used in this study

From: Fast and reliable production, purification and characterization of heat-stable, bifunctional enzyme chimeras

Plasmid Characteristics References
pQE-30-LE HIS-STREP, separated by LguI/Eco81I overlapping restriction site Marquardt et al. (2014)
pQE-30-LE::cel5A HIS-Cel5A-STREP Marquardt et al. (2014)
pQE-80L::bgl1 HIS-Bgl1 Schröder et al. (2014)
pQE-30-LE::bgl1 HIS-Bgl1-STREP This study
pQE-30-LE::CB HIS-Cel5A-Bgl1-STREP This study
pQE-30-LE::BC HIS-Bgl1-Cel5A-STREP This study
pQE-30-LE::CE294AB HIS-Cel5AE294A-Bgl1-STREP, inactivated endoglucanase This study
pQE-30-LE::BCE294A HIS-Bgl1-Cel5AE294A-STREP, inactivated endoglucanase This study
pQE-80L::bgl1_G395 HIS-Bgl1E395G, inactivated β-glucosidase Schröder et al. (2014)
pQE-30-LE::CBE395G HIS-Cel5A-Bgl1E395G-STREP, inactivated β-glucosidase This study
pQE-30-LE::BE395GC HIS-Bgl1E395G-Cel5A-STREP, inactivated β-glucosidase This study