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Table 2 Comparison of MIC of butanolic extract and pure compound with two standard antibiotics

From: Isolation, purification and characterization of novel antimicrobial compound 7-methoxy-2,2-dimethyl-4-octa-4′,6′-dienyl-2H-napthalene-1-one from Penicillium sp. and its cytotoxicity studies

Microorganisms MIC butanolic extract MIC of compound MIC of gentamicin MIC of amphotericin B
S. aureus 0.1c 2b 1a ND
S. epidermidis 0.2c 2b 1a ND
K. penumoniae 1 0.1c 1b 0.19a ND
C. albicans 0.2b 1a ND ND
MRSA 0.5c 5b 0.19a 99d
P. aeruginosa 1b ND 10a ND
S. typhimurium 2 0.7c 5b 2a ND
Sh. flexneri 5b ND 2a ND
E. faecalis 5b ND 10a ND
E. coli 10b ND 1a ND
S. typhimurium 1 15b ND 1a ND
K. penumoniae 2 20b ND 1a ND
  1. The values represents mean of three values, different lower case letters (a–c) show statistical significant (P ≤ 0.05) difference between columns.