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Table 2 Pepsin digestibility of protein in black mustard and yellow mustard cakes

From: Comparison of cake compositions, pepsin digestibility and amino acids concentration of proteins isolated from black mustard and yellow mustard cakes

Parameters Black mustard cake Yellow mustard cake
Pepsin Digestibility of protein before removal of antinutritional compounds,% 80.33 ± 2.08 77.43 ± 1.53
Pepsin digestibility of protein after removal of antinutritional compounds,% 89.67 ± 1.15 90.17 ± 2.51
Pepsin digestibility of isolated protein,% 96.67 ± 1.53 95.27 ± 2.08
  1. All data are the average of three replicate independent experiments and the standard deviation was calculated using one-way ANOVA.