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Table 3 Cultivation of Sb 6BP in MMB containing various concentrations of yeast extract

From: Strain and process development for poly(3HB-co-3HP) fermentation by engineered Shimwellia blattae from glycerol

Yeast extract (g/L) Cell density (g CDW /L) PHA (g PHA /L) PHA content (wt%) Cultivation time (h)
0.2 14.6 5.58 38.3 48
0.67 27.3 14.2 48.1 48
6.7 44.6 21.1 47.2 48
  1. During cultivation, glycerol was intermittently added. Kanamycin was added as 50 μg/ml final concentration at the beginning of the cultivation. All cultivations were conducted in a 2 L jar-fermenter.