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Table 1 Plasmids and strains used in this study

From: Engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for the production of poly-3-d-hydroxybutyrate from xylose

Plasmids Relevant genotype Reference
YIplac128 LEU2 (Gietz and Akio 1988)
YIpOB8 pTDH3-XYL1-tADH1; pPGK1-XYL2-tPGK1; URA3 (Runquist et al. 2010)
YIpAGS2 YIplac128; pTEF1-PhaA-tTEF1; pGPM1-PhaB1-pGPM1; pTPI1-PhaC1-tTPI1; LEU2 This study
Yeast strains Relevant genotype Reference
TMB 3043 CEN.PK2-1C; gre3Δ; his3::pPGK1-XKS1-tPGK1, HIS3; tal1::pPGK1-TAL1-tPGK1; tkl1::pPGK1-TKL1-tPGK1; rki1::pPGK1-RKI1-tPGK1; rpe1::pPGK1-RPE1-tPGK1; ura3, leu2 (Karhumaa et al. 2005)
TMB 4440 TMB 3043; ura3::YIpOB8; leu2 This study
TMB 4443 TMB 4440; leu2::YIpAGS2 This study
TMB 4444 TMB 4440; leu2::YIplac128 This study