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Table 4 Crystallinity index (CI = A 1230 /A 1453 )

From: Feasibility study of an alkaline-based chemical treatment for the purification of polyhydroxybutyrate produced by a mixed enriched culture

Biomass status Chemicals CI
Commercial PHB - 4.7
Lyophilized CH2Cl2 5.7
Lyophilized SDS 4.7
Lyophilized NaOH 4.5
Fresh biomass NaOH + SDS 4.4
Lyophilized NH4OH 4.2
Fresh biomass NaOH 3.8
Lyophilized - 2.9
Fresh biomass NH4OH 2.1
  1. Larger value means that PHB is at a more crystallinity status and smaller value means that PHB is at a more amorphous status.