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Table 1 Phenotypic and genotypic characters of Serratia marcescens

From: A psychrotolerant strain of Serratia marcescens (MTCC 4822) produces laccase at wide temperature and pH range

Characters Description
Colony morphology Round, smooth, convex (2–5 mm dia.) colonies with red pigment
Microscopic features single Gram -ve short rods with 0.5-0.8 μm dia and 0.9-2.0 μm length
Biochemical characters Carbohydrate utilization: +ve for dextrose, fructose, mannose, maltose, mannitol, sucrose and trehalose and –ve for arabinose, galactose, rahmnose, raffinose and melibiose
Enzyme activity: +ve for catalase and oxidase, −ve for lactose and starch hydrolysis
Physiological characters Temperature tolerance 4–45°C (opt. 25°C), Produces pigment till 35°C, pH tolerance 3–14 (opt. 5–7), salt tolerance up to 20%
Molecular characters 98.8% similarity with Serratia marcescens N4-5
Accessions Bacterial accession no. MTCC 4822
Nucleotide sequence no. EF035134