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Table 1 Plasmids and yeast strains used in the present study

From: NADH-dependent biosensor in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: principle and validation at the single cell level

Strains and plasmids Relevant features Reference
YIplac211 URA3 (Gietz and Sugino [1988])
p424 TRP1 Mumberg vector (Mumberg et al. [1995])
P425 LEU2 Mumberg vector (Mumberg et al. [1995])
YEplacHXT URA3 (Karhumaa et al. [2005])
pYGFP3 URA3 ADH1p-yEGFP3-ADH1t (Cormack et al. [1997])
YIpJK01 HIS3 GPD2p-yEGFP3-PGK1t This study
YEpJK01 URA3 GPD2p-yEGFP3-PGK1t This study
YIpOB8 URA3 TDH3p-XYL1-ADH1t PGK1p-XYL2-PGK1t (Bengtsson et al. [2009])
YIpDR7 URA3 TDH3p-XYL1(N272D)-ADH1t PGK1p-XYL2-PGK1t (Runquist et al. [2010])
YIpCR01 URA3 TDH3p-XYL1-ADH1t This study
YIpCR03 URA3 TDH3p-XYL1 (N272D)-ADH1t This study
S. cerevisiae strains   
CEN.PK2-1C MATa ura3-52 trp1-289 leu2-3,112 his3Δ 1 MAL2-8C SUC2 EUROSCARF
TMB4120 CEN.PK2-1C YEpJK01 trp1::TRP1 leu2::LEU2 his3::HIS3 This study
TMB4121 CEN.PK2-1C YEpJK01 gpd1::TRP1 leu2::LEU2 his3::HIS3 This study
TMB4122 CEN.PK2-1C YEpJK01 trp1::TRP1 gpd2::LEU2 his3::HIS3 This study
TMB4123 CEN.PK2-1C YEpJK01 gpd1::TRP1 gpd2::LEU2 his3::HIS3 This study
TMB4132 CEN.PK2-1C his3::YipJK01 trp1::TRP1 leu2::LEU2 ura3- This study
TMB4133 CEN.PK2-1C his3::YipJK01 gpd1::TRP1 gpd2:LEU2 ura3- This study
TMB4140 TMB4132 ura3::YIplac211 This study
TMB4141 TMB4132 ura3::YIpCR01 This study
TMB4143 TMB4132 ura3::YIpCR03 This study
TMB4144 TMB4133 ura3::YIplac211 This study
TMB4145 TMB4133 ura3::YIpCR01 This study
TMB4147 TMB4133 ura3::YIpCR03 This study