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Table 1 Nomenclature

From: Construction of a biodynamic model for Cry protein production studies

Parameter Description Unit
Cry Cry protein concentration g/L
Crymax Maximum Cry protein concentration obtained g/L
DPA Dipicolinic acid concentration g/L
DPAmax Maximum dipicolinic acid concentration obtained g/L
PHB Poly-β-hydroxybutyrate concentration g/L
PHBmax Maximum Poly-β-hydroxybutyrate concentration obtained g/L
t Time since inoculation h
tc Critical time h
X Biomass concentration g/L
Xmax Maximum biomass concentration obtained g/L
YCry/PHB Yield of Cry from PHB g Cry/g PHB
YDPA/PHB Yield of DPA from PHB g DPA/g PHB
YDPA/X Yield of DPA from biomass g DPA/g X
YX/S Yield of biomass from glucose g biomass/g glucose
μmax Maximum specific growth rate 1/h
μmaxc Maximum specific Cry production rate 1/h
μmaxd Maximum specific DPA production rate 1/h
μmaxp Maximum specific PHB production rate 1/h
c Cry protein
d Dipicolinic acid
i Key compound (i = x, p, d or c)
p Poly-β-hydroxybutyrate
x Biomass