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Table 1 Monosaccharide composition of Arundo donax polysaccharides extracted with KOH 2 N at 72 h

From: Degradative actions of microbial xylanolytic activities on hemicelluloses from rhizome of Arundo donax

Monosaccharide Arundo donax%
Xyl 57.13
Glc 34.77
Ara 7.03
Man 0
Gal 0
Rha 0
GalA 0
GlcA 1.07
  1. Abbreviations: Xyl Xylose, Glc Glucose, Gal Galactose, Ara Arabinose, Rha Rhamnose, Man Mannose, GlcA Glucuronic acid, GalA Galacturonic acid.