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Table 1 Cultivation of B. bassiana ATP-02 in a 2 L stirred tank reactor: fermentation conditions and growth parameters

From: Screening of liquid media and fermentation of an endophytic Beauveria bassiana strain in a bioreactor

Fermentation conditions  
 Inoculum [aerial conidia/mL] 5×104
 Start pH [−] 5.5
 Stirrer speed [rpm] 600
 Aeration rate [vvm] 1.0
 Aeration rate [L/min] 1.5
 Temperature [°C] 25
Growth parameters  
 Biomass produced (after 48 h) [g/L] 12.6
 Max. specific growth rate μmax [h−1] 0.14
 Min. doubling time [h] 4.9
 Mean doubling time [h] 14.7