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Table 1 Composition of the pretreated Arundo donax slurry

From: Combining the effects of process design and pH for improved xylose conversion in high solid ethanol production from Arundo donax

Solid composition (% of WIS)
  Average Std dev
Glucan 48.2 0.2
Xylan 3.8 0.0
Galactan n.da -
Arabinan n.d -
Mannan n.d -
Lignin 41.7 0.0
Soluble components (g L −1 )
Sugars Monomers Total sugars (including monomers)
Glucose 2.5 14.2
Xylose 4.0 18.4
Galactose n.d n.d
Arabinose n.d n.d
Mannose n.d n.d
Inhibitors and degradation products   
Acetic Acid 5.6  
HMF n.d  
Furfural 0.2  
  1. an.d. = not detected, i.e. below detection limit.
  2. The solid composition is based on wt-% of the WIS content and the soluble components are reported in g L−1 liquid. The WIS content of the pretreated material was measured to 22.5 wt-%.