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Table 1 Identification of photosynthetic isolates using DNA barcoding of U16S/U18S rDNA gene

From: Bioprospecting the thermal waters of the Roman baths: isolation of oleaginous species and analysis of the FAME profile for biodiesel production

Isolate Abbr. Division GenBank match ref. Coverage%* Max Ident% ** Max Score *** Other (NCBI no)
Coelastrella saipanensis* Cs Chlorophyta AB055800 100 99 3090 BLAST and morphology (JX316760)
Klebsormidium sp. K sp. Chlorophyta FR717537.1 98 99 1929 (JX316761)
Hantzschia sp.* H sp. Bacillariophyta      Morphology
Chroococcidiopsis thermalis Ct Cyanophyta AB039005.1 100 99 2488 (JX316762)
Microcoleus chthonoplastes* Mc Cyanophyta EF654089.1 96 91 1844 Additional file 1: Figure S1
Mastigocladus laminosus Ml Cyanophyta AB607204.1 95 99 2385 (JX316764)
Oscillatoria sancta Os Cyanophyta AF132933 96 99 1522 Additional file 1: Figure S2
  1. Sequences compared to the NCBI online database using BLAST. Matches based on ‘Max Score’. Date accessed 17.01.2012.
  2. *% of sequence covered by database hit **% similarity of sequence covered by hit ***The score is calculated from the sum of the match rewards and the mismatch (independently for each segment).