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Table 1 Yeast strains used in this study

From: An organic acid-tolerant HAA1-overexpression mutant of an industrial bioethanol strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and its application to the production of bioethanol from sugarcane molasses

Strain Description Source or reference
ER (Ethanol Red) MAT a/α (wild type) Le Saffre, France
ER-6c MAT a derived from ER (Sasano et al. 2012)
ER-6c ura3 Δ0 MAT a ura3Δ0 derived from ER-6c (Sasano et al. 2012)
ER-3a MAT α derived from ER (Sasano et al. 2012)
ER-3a ura3 Δ0 MAT α ura3Δ0 derived from ER-3a (Sasano et al. 2012)
ER-6c HAA1-OP MAT a P TDH3 -HAA1 derived from ER-6c ura3 Δ0 This study
ER-3a HAA1-OP MAT α P TDH3 -HAA1 derived from ER-3a ura3 Δ0 This study
ER HAA1-OP MAT a/ α P TDH3 -HAA1/P TDH3 -HAA1 constructed by mating between ER-3a HAA1-OP and ER-6c HAA1-OP This study