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Table 1 Results of 16S rRNA gene sequencing

From: Enzymatical and microbial degradation of cyclic dipeptides (diketopiperazines)

Isolate Deposited at DSMZ as EMBL accession number Closest relative in GenBankĀ® % identities/bp
K3 Leifsonia sp. DSM 27212 HG322862 Leifsonia naganoensis DB103 (NR_043662.1) 100/946
32A Paenibacillus sp. DSM 27214 HG322863 Paenibacillus chibensis ZYb3 (FJ432004.1) 99/976
40A Microbacterium sp. DSM 27211 HG322864 Microbacterium sp. I_29-J6NFA10A (JQ917793.1) 99/979
  1. DSM Z: German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures, EMBL accession number: accession number for the 16S rDNA sequence data at the EMBL nucleotide sequence archive, number in brackets: GenBankĀ® accession number, bp: sequence length in base pairs.