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Table 1 Selected examples of the different reactions used by suppliers to test lipase activity

From: Cross-linked enzyme aggregates (CLEAs) of selected lipases: a procedure for the proper calculation of their recovered activity

Commercial lipase preparation Supplier Physical state Lipase activity Test reaction Definition of Unit Reference
CRL (Lipase AY 30) Amano powder > 30000 U/g Not specified hydrolysis Amount of enzyme that releases 1 μmol of fatty acid per minute at pH 7, not specified temperature Technical sheet
CRL (VII ) Sigma Chemicals Co. powder 900000 U/g Hydrolysis of olive oil Amount of powder which produces 1 μmol of oleic acid per hour at pH=7.2 and 37°C. Arroyo (1995)
Lipozyme RM IM (RML) Novozymes immobilized > 150 U/g Interesterification of soybean oil, no co-solvents 0.01 w/w% converted tristearin/min-g enzyme. Technical sheet
Novozym 435 (CALB) Novozymes immobilized ~ 10000 U/g Synthesis of propyl laureate n.a. Technical sheet