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Table 2 Types of lipases and their ability to hydrolyze thin films of P(3HB- co -92 mol% 4HB)

From: Densitometry based microassay for the determination of lipase depolymerizing activity on polyhydroxyalkanoate

Types of lipases Sources of lipases Hydrolytic ability on P(3HB- co-92 mol% 4HB) film
Fungal Aspergillus oryzae Positive
  Aspergillus niger Negative
  Candida antarctica Positive
  Candida rugosa Positive
  Mucor javanicus Positive
  Mucor miehei Positive
  Rhizopus arrhizus Positive
  Rhizopus niveus Positive
  Rhizopus oryzae Positive
Bacterial Chromobacterium viscosum Positive
  Pseudomonas cepacia Positive
  Pseudomonas fluorescens Positive
Animal Porcine pancreas Positive
Plant Wheat germ Negative