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Table 2 Linearity of qPCR calibration curves

From: Method to quantify live and dead cells in multi-species oral biofilm by real-time PCR with propidium monoazide

Species R 2 E
S. oralis 0.999 0.915
S. gordonii 0.998 0.920
V. parvula 0.999 0.950
F. nucleatum 0.999 0.950
P. intermedia 0.999 0.950
  1. R2 indicates the regression coefficient. PCR efficiency (E) is obtained from E= 10-1/s – 1, where s is the slope of the regression line between Cp values and log cells (Knutsson et al., 2002).
  2. Cp values versus log (number of cells) of five oral bacterial species.