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Table 1 Wood and fungal species selection

From: The influence of moisture content variation on fungal pigment formation in spalted wood

Wood species/specific gravity (SG) Fungal species/Culture collection number
Sugar maple/SG=0.68 Xylaria polymorpha UAMH 11518
   UAMH 11519
   UAMH 11520
Beech/SG=0.74 Trametes versicolor Mad 697
   FP 72074-R
   UAMH 11521
  Polyporus squamosus UAMH 11653
  Polyporus brumalis UAMH 11652
  Fomes fomentarius UAMH 11654
  Inonotus hispidus F2037
  Piptoporus betulinus UAMH 11651
  Scytalidium cuboideum UAMH 4802