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Table 2 Evaluation of PCR inhibition via bacterial 16S rRNA gene amplification in undiluted (1x) versus diluted DNA extracts a

From: Automated DNA extraction platforms offer solutions to challenges of assessing microbial biofouling in oil production facilities

  1xb 1:10xb 1:100xc
Sample A    
P 2.03±0.15x109 2.07±0.02x109 1.32±0.07x109
Q 6.26±0.57x109 6.06±0.13x109 2.88±0.04x109
M 2.55±0.26x109 2.38±0.10x109 2.46±0.08x109
Sample B    
P 8.44±0.17x108 7.33±0.10x108 5.79±0.10x108
Q 6.34±0.56x109 6.32±0.13x109 3.72±0.19x109
M 4.70±0.08x109 5.16±0.20x109 3.95±0.23x109
Sample C    
P 6.28±0.43x106 6.83±0.85x106 7.48±0.52x106
Q 9.26±5.48x106 9.59±0.28x106 8.83±0.18x106
M 1.74±0.04x108 1.14±0.05x108 1.15±0.01x108
  1. aData shown are mean values (n = 3) and standard deviations of 16S rRNA gene copies per ml original sample.
  2. bStandard curve: m = −3.67; y-int = 41.61; R2 = 0.99; Eff = 87.1%.
  3. cStandard curve: m = −3.59; y-int = 41.15; R2 = 0.99; Eff = 89.7%.