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Table 1 Comparison of DNA extraction platforms

From: Automated DNA extraction platforms offer solutions to challenges of assessing microbial biofouling in oil production facilities

Platform PowerBiofilm QuickGene Maxwell
Ease of operation Manual Semi-automated Automated
Dedicated instrument No QuickGene-Mini80 Maxwell 16
Costa   $1500 $25000
Processing steps    
Sample preparation Manual Manual Manual
Cell lysis Manual Manual Automated
Inhibitor removal Manual Manual Automated
Nucleic acid mobilization Manual Automated Automated
3 x Washes Manual Automated Automated
Elution Manual Automated Automated
Total time 120 min (n = 10) 60 min (n = 8) 45 min (n = 16)
Additional equipment    
Microcentrifuge Yes Yes No
Incubator (>55°C) Yes Yes No
Physical lysis equipmentb Yes Yes No
Refrigerator (4°C) Yes No No
Consumable supplies    
Cost (per sample) $6.50 $2.60 $6.33
  1. aApproximate list price at time of purchase.
  2. bPhysical lysis equipment: a bead-beater for PowerBiofilm and a rotisserie for Quickgene.