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Table 1 Comparison of CBM amino-acid sequences of EG in family 1 CBMs (92 samples)

From: Construction of a novel selection system for endoglucanases exhibiting carbohydrate-binding modules optimized for biomass using yeast cell-surface engineering

No. A.A. remarks column
5 W W(61%), Y(39%)
6 G G(91%), QA(3%), Y(2%)
7 Q Unchanging
8 C Unchanging
9 G Unchanging
10 G Unchanging
11 I I(52%), Q(20%), S(14%), N(7%), T(4%), ARL(1%)
12 G G(92%), N(9%), S(1%)
13 W W(74%), Y(23%), F(3%)
14 S T(52%), S(42%), N(3%), IK(1%)
15 G Unchanging
16 P P(74%), A(17%), S(4%), L(3%), Q(2%)
17 T Unchanging
18 N T(28%), N(13%), S(12%), AV(11%), QA(5%), RECT(3%), DKI(1%)
19 C Unchanging
20 A A(49%), V(36%), Q(5%), ET(4%), D(2%)
21 P S(66%), A(21%), P(8%), T(4%), G(1%)
22 G G(86%), P(13%), S(1%)
23 S S(35%), A(25%), T(17%), Y(12%), FNL(3%), WG(1%)
24 A T(67%), A(14%), V(9%), C(5%), S(3%), K(2%)
25 C Uchanging
26 S T(27%), Q(24%), S(22%), V(10%), H(8%), K(4%), AE(2%), M(1%)
27 T V(38%), T(20%), K(17%), S(8%), Y(5%), AE(4%), IRQH(1%)
28 L L(53%), Q(13%), YV(8%), I(6%), S(5%), T(3%), GAWM(1%)
29 N N(97%), S(2%), G(1%)
30 P P(56%), D(25%), AS(5%), QE(4%)
31 Y Y(75%), W(22%), F(2%), A(1%)
32 Y Y(99%), H(1%)
33 A S(71%), A(20%), Y(4%), H(3%), F(2%)
34 Q Uchanging
35 C Uchanging
  1. Amino-acid numbers (No.) and sequences (A.A.; 1-letter-notation) of the CBM of EG; remarks column, the results of amino-acid comparisons in family 1 CBM; underline: the flexible residue (the conservation < 40%).