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Table 1 Acquisition rate of denitrifying bacteria using the FSC and APD methods

From: Advantages of functional single-cell isolation method over standard agar plate dilution method as a tool for studying denitrifying bacteria in rice paddy soil

Methoda number of well-isolated single colonies number of isolates showing NO3reduction mean of potential denitrifying activity ± SD,%c Acquisition rate of denitrifying bacteria (%)
   <20% ≥20%b   
FSC 77 7 44 53.1 ± 21.2 57.1
APD 357 10 33 36.8 ± 16.1 9.2
  1. aFSC: Functional single-cell isolation method; APD: agar plate dilution method.
  2. bregarded as denitrifying bacteria.
  3. cProportion (%) of nitrate reduced to N2O in two weeks.