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Figure 1

From: Antimicrobial activity of bacteriocin-producing lactic acid bacteria isolated from cheeses and yogurts

Figure 1

Principal component analysis (a biplot of antibacterial data of CFS produced by 8 selected bacteriocinogenic LAB cultured at 5 and 20°C). Indicator organisms included: Leuc. mesenteroides CFS, untreated (), Leuc. mesenteroides CFS, pH neutralized (), B. cereus CFS, untreated (), L. innocua CFS, untreated (Δ), L. innocua CFS, pH neutralized (■), L. innocua CFS, pH neutralized and H2O2 eliminated (□), Erw. carotovora CFS, untreated (♦), and Ps. fluorescens CFS, untreated (). H-20°C; L-5°C; 1-Arla-18 (Ent. faecium); 2-ASR-1 (Strep. thermophilus); 3-ASR-6 (Ent. faecium); 4-JFR-1 (Ent. faecium); 5-JFR-5 (Lact. casei); 6-TSB-8 (Strep. thermophilus); 7-OKA-14 (Ent. faecium); 8-Yog-3S (Ent. faecium).

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