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Table 1 Identified cellulosomal proteins by proteome analysis

From: Profile of native cellulosomal proteins of Clostridium cellulovorans adapted to various carbon sources

Functions Gene name CAZya Carbon sources Accesion Nob
     Cellobiose Avicel Xylan  
  endoglucanase   GH5    ZP_04806172
  endoglucanase   GH9 ZP_04806149
  endoglucanase   GH5   ZP_04806690
  endoglucanase   GH5    ZP_04804560
  endoglucanase   GH5 ZP_04804999
  endoglucanase EngE GH5 AAD39739
  endoglucanase EngH GH9    ZP_04807564
  endoglucanase EngK GH9    ZP_04807563
  endoglucanase EngL GH9 ZP_04807561
  endoglucanase EngY GH9 ZP_04804221
  mannanase ManA GH5 ZP_04807560
  mannanase   GH26 YP_003845544
  mannanase   GH26 ZP_04805612
  mannanase   GH26 ZP_04806148
  xylanase XynA GH11    ZP_04805534
  xylanase XynB GH10   ZP_04807887
  exocellulase ExgS GH48 AAC38571
Pectate lyases       
  pectate lyase   PL1   YP_003842527
  pectate lyase PelA PL9   AAG59609
Other proteins       
  peptidase inhibitor     ZP_04807292
  peptidase inhibitor       ZP_04807290
  peptidase      ZP_04804668
  sialicacid-specific 9-O-acetylesterase    ZP_04805106
  hypothetical protein       ZP_04804379
  hypothetical protein    YP_003843744
Scaffold proteins       
  cellulose binding protein CbpA   AAA23218
  hydrophobic protein HbpA      AAF06108
  1. a Refer to
  2. b Refer to
  3. (closed circles): Common proteins identified in each substrate.
  4. (open circles): Not common proteins identified in each substrate.