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Table 2 Comparison of the primary amino acid sequence of the putative carbamoylase found in Aminobacter sp. DSM24754 with the amino acid sequences of Pseudomonas sp. KNK003 (BAD00008.1), Agrobacterium radiobacter CCRC14924 (1FO6), Agrobacterium sp. KNK712 (1ERZ) and Agrobacterium tumefaciens RU-OR HyuC2 (ABS11194.1) within a global alignment

From: Novel amidases of two Aminobacter sp. strains: Biotransformation experiments and elucidation of gene sequences

Amino acid sequence identities and similarities of carbamoylases DSM24754 BAD00008.1 1FO6 1ERZ ABS11194.1
    Identity %   
Aminobacter sp. DSM24754   85 58 57 49
Pseudomonas sp. KNK003 BAD00008.1 92   59 58 51
Agrobacterium radiobacter CCRC14924 1FO6 68 70   96 57
A. sp. KNK712 1ERZ 69 70 97   56
A. tumefaciens RU-OR HyuC2 ABS11194.1 56 57 64 93  
    Similarity %