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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Branching of the p-nitrophenol (PNP) degradation pathway in burkholderia sp. Strain SJ98: Evidences from genetic characterization of PNP gene cluster

Bacterial strain/plasmid/cosmid Characteristic Source or reference
Bacterial strains   
Burkholderia sp. strain SJ98 Wild type PNP degrading isolate Lab stock and DSM = 23195
E. coli DH5α Host strain for cosmid cloning vectorHost strain for GateWay entry clone Lab stock
E. coli BL-21 AI Host strain for expression vector (LacY1DE3, F_ompT hsdS, gal, dcm, ara-I) Invitrogen Inc. CA- USA
SuperCos-1 Cosmid cloning vector, Dual cos sites Agilent Technologies- Genomics. CA, USA.
pSJC88 Cosmid clone with ~41 Kb insert harboring PNP degrading gene cluster of strain SJ98 This study
pDONR-201 Gateway entry cloning vector Invitrogen Inc. CA, USA
pDEST-17 Gateway expression vector Invitrogen Inc. CA, USA
pDest-pnpE1 Expression clone with orf pnpE1 of strain SJ98 This study
pDest-pnpE2 Expression clone with orf pnpE2 of strain SJ98 This study