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Table 2 1H-NMR characteristics of the aromatic protons of PRA and metabolites produced by G. striatum

From: Metabolite proving fungal cleavage of the aromatic core part of a fluoroquinolone antibiotic

   Chemical Coupling
Compound H assignment shift δ constant J H, F
   (ppm) (Hz)
PRA H-2 8.92  
  H-5 7.87 14.5
F-1 H-2 8.41  
  H-5 7.96 14.8
F-2 H-2 9.06  
  H-5 7.64  
F-5 H-2 8.81  
F-13 H-2 8.80  
  H-5 7.08  
  H-2' 8.81