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Table 1 Protein subfamilies of TAs according to Pfam; abbreviations: α-KG = α-ketoglutaric acid, PYR = pyruvate.

From: Transaminases for the synthesis of enantiopure beta-amino acids

protein sub-families Pfam ID folding type members amino donor amino acceptor EC α-/ω-TAs
I and II 00155 I aspartate TA L-aspartate α-KG α
   I aromatic TA L-phenylalanine α-KG α
III 00202 I acetylornithine TA acetylornithine α-KG ω
   I ornithine TA ornithine α-KG ω
   I β-alanine:pyruvate TA β-alanine PYR ω
   I β-TA from Mesorhizobium sp. LUK β-phenylalanine α-KG or PYR n.c.1) ω
   I 4-aminobutyrate TA 4-aminobutyrate α-KG ω
IV 01063 IV D-alanine TA D-alanine α-KG α
   IV branched-chain amino-acid TA leucine α-KG α
V 00266 I phosphoserine TA phosphoserine α-KG Α
VI 01041 I ArnB UDP-4-amino-4-deoxy-beta-L-arabinose α-KG α
  1. 1) n.c. = not classified