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Table 2 S. cerevisiae strains and plasmids used in this study.

From: A mutated xylose reductase increases bioethanol production more than a glucose/xylose facilitator in simultaneous fermentation and co-fermentation of wheat straw

Strains and Plasmids Relevant Genotype Reference
YIpOB8 URA3 TDH3p-XYL1-ADH1t, PGK1p-XYL2-PGK1t (Bengtsson et al. 2009)
YIplac128 LEU2 (Gietz and Sugino 1988)
YIpDR1 YIplac128 TDH3p-GXF1-CYC1t (Runquist et al. 2009)
YIpDR7 pOB8 XR N272D (Runquist et al. 2010a)
S. cerevisiae strains   
TMB 3043 CEN.PK 2-1C Δgre3, his3::PGK1p-XKS1-PGK1t, TAL1::PGK1p-TAL1-PGK1t, TKL1::PGK1p-TKL1-PGK1t, RKI1::PGK1p-RKI1-PGK1t, RPE1::PGK1p-RPE1-PGK1t, leu2, ura3 (Karhumaa et al. 2005)
TMB 3043-Gxf1 TMB 3043, leu2::YIpDR1, ura3 (Runquist et al. 2009)
TMB 3422 TMB 3043, leu2::YIplac128, ura3::YIpDR7 (Runquist et al. 2010a)
TMB 3424 TMB 3043, leu2::YIplac128, ura3:: YIpOB8 (Runquist et al. 2010a)
TMB 3425 TMB 3043, leu2::YIpDR1, ura3::YIpDR7 This work
TMB 3426 TMB 3043, leu2::YIpDR1, ura3::YIpOB8 This work