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Table 5 The 10 most induced genes by treatment with 250 μA/cm2 DC.

From: Differential Gene Expression to Investigate the Effects of Low-level Electrochemical Currents on Bacillus subtilis

Gene Name Expression Ratio Gene Function/product
narG 6.7 nitrate reductase alpha subunit
narJ 4.8 nitrate reductase protein J
pstC 4.4 phosphate ABC transporter permease
pstS 7.7 phosphate ABC transporter (binding lipoprotein)
tagG 4.3 teichoic acid precursors permease
tuaA 5.5 hypothetical protein
ygxB 8.0 hypothetical integral membrane protein
yhgD 4.6 hypothetical transcriptional regulator
yjgC 4.1 putative oxidoreductase
ypfB 5.7 hypothetical protein
  1. The genes are listed in the order of gene names. A full list of induced genes can be found in the Additional File 1 (Supplemental Data). The experiment was done in duplicate and the average expression ratios of the two runs are shown.