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Table 2 Genes repressed by treatment with 25 μA/cm2 DC.

From: Differential Gene Expression to Investigate the Effects of Low-level Electrochemical Currents on Bacillus subtilis

Gene Name Expression Ratio Gene Function/product
arsB -2.3 arsenite efflux transporter
arsC -2.1 arsenate reductase
arsR -2.7 ArsR family transcriptional regulator
cysC -2.1 adenylylsulfate kinase
glmS -2.2 glucosamine--fructose-6-phosphate aminotransferase
ileS -2.1 isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase
iolB -2.2 5-deoxy-D-glucuronic acid isomerase
mccB -2.5 cystathionine beta-lyase
sat -2.3 sulfate adenylyltransferase
srfAA -2.3 surfactin synthetase
yqcK -2.6 putative thiol lyase
  1. The genes are listed in the order of gene names. The experiment was done in duplicate and the average expression ratios of the two runs are shown.